The digilib IIIF API

The Scaler servlet provides not only its native Scaler API but also an API compliant to the standards of the International Image Interoperability Framework

As of version 2.3.7 digilib supports the IIIF Image API version 2 at compliance level 2. You can switch between API version 1.1 and 2.0 support with the iiif-api-version parameter in digilib-config,

IIIF Image API URLs for an image request have the form:


where digilib-webapp is the name of the digilib web application in the servlet container.

The value of iiif-prefix is defined by the iiif-prefix parameter in digilib-config. The default value is “IIIF”.

The identifier part of the URL must not contain slashes. Since the identifier is mapped to the digilib fn-parameter, which is a filesystem path that likely contains slashes separating subdirectories, all occurrences of a slash have to be replaced by the value of the iiif-slash-replacement parameter in digilib-config. The default value of the replacement string is “!”, so the fn-path “books/book1/page0002” becomes the identifier “books!book1!page0002”.

For a definition of the other parameters region, size, rotation, quality, and format please see the IIIF Image API docs.

A IIIF Image API image request URL could look like:!book1!page0002/full/!150,75/0/default.jpg

An info request URL for the same image looks like:!book1!page0002/info.json